Juan Valdez unveils a month-long of Red Velvet Delight at 21 High st

In the month of February 2023, Juan Valdez, a multinational Colombian coffeehouse chain, revealed yet another sweet and sensational offer for its coffee enthusiasts in Qatar. The brand, located in 21 High st, launched its Red Velvet Season, a period to celebrate and relish the savory and sweetened red velvet dessert during Valentine’s Day.

Due to popular demand of the delectable selection of the red velvet-inspired treats, Juan Valdez extended the seasonal offer to span across the entire month of February. Qatar’s lovers of coffee and cake were encouraged to visit Juan Valdez and savor the exclusive limited offer.

The red velvet cake was not simply a must-try accompaniment of moist, fluffy and layered structure with cream cheese frosting, but also a perfect indulgence for the season. For cold coffee lovers, this was a moment to cool down with an irresistible Red Velvet Nevado, a Juan Valdez’s special with rich and creamy texture unique to the foothills of Colombia. Conversely, Juan Valdez’s Red Velvet Latte was the preferred beverage of choice for those who favored a steaming cup of delicious hot coffee.

The Red Velvet Season was truly a special moment for customers to experience an array of irresistible treats by Juan Valdez.