Wahaj, Qatar’s Mediterranean Brasserie was excited to offer a special edition Suhoor set menu to its guests for Ramadan 2023. Located inside Galeries Lafayette at 21 High st, Wahaj is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious indoor or outdoor meal while taking in stunning views of its beautiful surroundings.

At Wahaj, chefs are determined to capture every guest’s imagination by offering only the very best in traditional Mediterranean dishes. From the first bite to the last, diners will experience authentic flavours that will leave them wanting to return.

The Suhoor set menu at Wahaj was carefully crafted with a selection of traditional Mediterranean dishes that tantalized taste buds. With a delectable mix of cold mezze and also a mix hot mezze, guests kept reaching for more.

Scrumptious mains were also a part of the Suhoor offering. Arabic braised chicken with saffron rice for those who prefer rice as a staple and a full Wahaj Mix Grill option for those who wished to enjoy a greater variety of flavours. Arabic desserts formed another aspect of the Suhoor experience and provided a sweet finish to every meal. In addition to all this, there was also special edition Ramadan drinks to savour such as Qamar Al Diine and Jallab for diners to try.

Wahaj’s beautiful outdoor area set in a garden was the perfect place for guests to enjoy an outdoor ambience with a unique blend of elegance and sophistication.


Chefs at the Asian inspired restaurant had created a delicious and affordable way to enjoy a memorable dining experience during Ramadan. Wagamama’s Iftar set menu, available for only QR 89, brought out an enjoyable full meal that includes a soup, a starter, a main course, and a special jallab drink. Wagamama ensured that the set menu was available for both takeaway and dine-in. That way, the restaurant’s fans could enjoy the offer at a location of their choice.

At Wagamama, food has always been more than just fuel for the body – it is truly nourishment for the soul. The Asian-inspired menu at Wagamama features a variety of rice and noodle dishes, fresh salads, shareable sides and many combinations with something for every palate. With authentic seasonal ingredients used to create every dish, at Wagamama guests know they are getting the best possible flavours and aromas with every bite.

In addition to the Iftar set menu, whether diners are craving a bold and warming bowl of ramen or a perfectly teppan-griddled dish, Wagamama’s regular menu also covers cuisine at its best. The special Iftar set menu is available at Wagamama branches at Place Vendome, Lagoona Mall, and Doha Festival City.


The unique coffee flavour you are looking for this season is waiting for you at Juan Valdez at 21 High st at Katara Cultural Village! Coinciding with the Holy month of Ramadan is the date season in the region, and Juan Valdez baristas have found a flavourful way to capture the moment. Renown for its exceptional Colombian coffee, Juan Valdez has now added an innovative twist to its menu. Leading its favourites this season is two speciality coffee drinks infused with Date flavour.

As the date season began Juan Valdez introduced Nevado and Latte Coffees, both infused with the inimitable flavour of the delicious Middle Eastern fruit. When delicately blended with the powerful flavours of authentic Colombian coffee the end result is an irresistible, refreshing drink that captivates the tastebuds of all.

Every cup of Nevado coffee delivers a refreshing and aromatic drink made with 100% Arabica coffee beans. Combined with milk and a touch of natural Date flavor the Nevado offers a unique twist on traditional coffee and is proving itself to be a perfect option coffee lovers looking for something different. For those who prefer a more classic coffee experience, the Latte Coffee is a smooth and creamy drink, also infused with natural Date flavour.

Both drinks are expertly crafted by Juan Valdez’s skilled baristas, using only the finest ingredients to create a rich and flavourful coffee experience. These two seasonal selections perfectly complement to the the Juan Valdez brand’s existing menu of traditional Colombian savories and pastries, including arepas, pandebonos, empanadas, and merengon.

Head over to Juan Valdez Qatar at 21 High st Katara and celebrate the season of dates with these delicious specialty coffees, just waiting to be tasted and enjoyed!


This year Joe’s Cafe has created an irresistible Iftar Set Menu just waiting to be experienced by friends and family. The set menu was thoughtfully curated to offer guests an unforgettable dining experience, as small groups gather together during the holy month of Ramadan.

The chefs at Joe’s Cafe designed the meal to begin with a hot and comforting bowl of soup. This was naturally followed by a special edition fattoush salad. The salad burst with fresh and vibrant flavours and sets the stage for the main course to follow. The main course brought out a succulent lamb shank. Cooked to absolute perfection the lamb was served with oriental rice, known to satisfy cravings of all sizes as it offers a hearty and filling mid meal experience.

Guests had to save room for dessert! This season Joe’s Cafe presented the much loved local specialty Umm Ali, a traditional Arabic dessert that is as rich and indulgent as it is reminiscent of joyous gatherings enjoyed around tables. To complete the meal, diners enjoyed a special edition Jallab which was a perfect balance of sweetness while being such a refreshing drink.

This special Iftar set menu was available at Joe’s Cafe’s two locations – the iconic 2022 building at Aspire Zone and Joe’s cafe at 21 High st. With its rich heritage and reputation for offering an atmosphere of joy, Joe’s Cafe was the perfect place to enjoy a delicious Iftar meal in a welcoming and friendly environment this season.


The iconic Moscow institution Cafe Pouchkine delighted customers with its special Iftar set menu for the Ramadan season 2023. Guest were treated to a joyous opportunity to indulge in a delectable four-course meal prepared by the renowned Chefs who specialize in Russian cuisine with a Mediterranean twist.

The Iftar set menu featured a rich Mushroom soup, a refreshing Prawn salad, a classic Stroganoff with freshly made white rice, and a special edition Jallab drink. Popular as a luxurious dining destination and located at 21 High st as well as at Place Vendome, Cafe Pouchkine draws diners for its Russian heritage and exquisite menu offerings.

During Ramadan 2023, in addition to the Iftar set menu, Café Pouchkine has also created a special edition mini dessert stand. Guests with a sweet tooth had the opportunity to indulge in a variety of treats, including mini Honey cakes, mini Cheesecakes, mini Pistachio Honey cakes, and mini or Noir cakes among other delectable sweetmeats.

As the only Russia-inspired restaurant, tea-room and patisserie with an authentic Moscow touch, Café Pouchkine also offers a menu that carries a wide variety of options. From imaginative club sandwiches to timeless Café de Paris steak, the menu is choc full of gastronomical delights.