To truly experience ABA Hospitality
one must use all five senses
and then one more.

ABA hospitality is a company like no other. The concepts we create and the brands we host, blend the dimensions of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch to craft the perfect experience for our guests. Our sixth sense is our unique discernment. ABA Hospitality is led by a team who truly, instinctively and insightfully know, the tastes and preferences of those we serve.

Our vision for hospitality is driven by an obsession for quality and a devotion to service excellence. We are uncompromising in our attention to detail and we are proud of it. Our obsessive streak makes us search the world for quality so we can capture and cater to your senses no matter which continent you come from. Our ultimate goal is to evoke your senses and indulge them.


We represent Qatar’s Ali Bin Ali Holding’s hospitality division. Launched in 2004 ABA Hospitality was established with a goal of hosting and developing distinct restaurant concepts ranging from informal to fine dining which embody the spirit of hospitality at its highest.

The steadily expanding division currently hosts a bouquet of brands including 974 Delights, Café Pouchkine, Cioccolatitaliani, Joe’s Cafe, Neuhaus, Wahaj, Wagamama and Wahaj Catering under our umbrella.


The restaurants, cafés and catering services in our fold are all geared towards delivering an unparalleled experience to our customers. Our concepts have been developed and selected with great care. We have ensured that each of our brands reflects the core belief we possess about hospitality. To us hospitality is not a business but an art and a total experience built to interact and delight your five senses.