July 24, 2023


Renowned culinary delight, Café Pouchkine, made its mark at the 32nd International Book Fair, attracting visitors with an array of delectable food and beverage selections. As one of the designated food operators at the fair, Café Pouchkine’s menu was prepared and catered by its elite chefs and servers with international gastronomy skills.

The exhibition, which took place from June 12 – 21, 2023 under the theme, “With Reading We Rise”, was organized by the Qatar Cultural and Heritage Events Center and brought more than 100,000 intellectuals, authors and book enthusiasts from across the Middle East region to highlight the importance of knowledge and learning.
The event featured a large number of regional, Arab and international publishing houses in the 824 booths prepared for exhibitors.

The daily influx of guests had the opportunity to repose and enjoy exquisite cuisines and vibrant experience offered by Café Pouchkine, which was strategically located in the main area of the fair.

At the event, Café Pouchkine offered an enticing selection of light sandwiches, and mini pastries for the guests. For those with a sweet tooth, Café Pouchkine’s desserts were a true indulgence, with each confection meticulously crafted to create a symphony of flavors. Café Pouchkine’s presence not only offered nourishment but also became an integral part of the event itself. The booth exuded a vibrant ambiance, fostering conversations that added to the overall enjoyment of the fair.

No book fair experience is complete without a cup of quality coffee, and Café Pouchkine made sure to deliver on that. With a selection of premium coffee blends and refined tea flavors, visitors savored the perfect cup of coffee while immersing themselves in the learning atmosphere.

Present at the event, the Group General Manager for Ali Bin Ali Hospitality, Mr. Bassel Salim Ammar, was thrilled with the mammoth of attendance at the prestigious book fair that galvanized the Café Pouchkine booth. “Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that the cuisine offered were of the best quality. We are happy that our guests were delighted with our service,” he noted.

Café Pouchkine’s engagement at the international book fair provided an opportunity for the restaurant to showcase its culinary expertise, attract new customers, and strengthen its brand presence within the intellectual community. Café Pouchkine aims to continue fostering its commitment to exquisite gastronomy and enriching experiences.

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