Joe’s Café Unleashes a Flavor Fiesta with Brand New Menu

This isn’t your average menu update. Joe’s Café goes all in, introducing a diverse selection that caters to every palate. Dive into their mouthwatering pizzas, available in various flavors to satisfy cravings. Take a trip south of the border with their loaded nachos, piled high with all the classic fixings. Seafood lovers rejoice! The succulent prawn rolls promise a burst of freshness, while the salmon with saffron sauce offers a sophisticated twist. The creamy beef risotto is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and the Joe’s Beef and Chicken Fajita Sandwiches, and Rigatoni Pasta are perfect for a satisfyingly savory bite. Opt for the Joe’s Baby Chicken, roasted to perfection for a light bite.

Also, their new kids’ menu keeps the little ones happy with delightful options. The new menu is available starting January 2024, at both Joe’s Café Katara and Iconic 2022 locations.

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Flavours And Roars

Joe’s Café Celebrates Harley Davidson Elegance

In a special event hosted by 21 High st. and the Harley Davidson Owner’s Group (H.O.G) on September 22, 2023, Joe’s Café in Katara Cultural Village became a melting pot of shared love for the world’s best adventure machine on two wheels.

The event involved a spectacular display of prized Harley Davidson motorcycles line-up, each with customized detailing. While the event gave the impression of an impromptu ride-by, it was perfectly planned and well executed by 21 High st. To add to the celebratory atmosphere, Joe’s Café welcomed motorcycle enthusiasts and shoppers to deepen their connections over refined flavors and sumptuous dishes while they exchanged stories and reflections on one of the world’s showcased motorcycle brands.

As the evening unfolded, Joe’s Café became a place of chrome-inspired magic allowing fans to capture memorable moments against the backdrop of spectacular bikes. Motorcycle fans and shoppers immersed themselves in a world of elegance and ruggedness met in an atmosphere of friendship. The range of roaring engines marked the night as an unforgettable celebration of passion and admiration for one of the world’s best known brands. Joe’s Café was delighted to keep its doors open for the enthusiast to continue enjoying their night.


This year Joe’s Cafe has created an irresistible Iftar Set Menu just waiting to be experienced by friends and family. The set menu was thoughtfully curated to offer guests an unforgettable dining experience, as small groups gather together during the holy month of Ramadan.

The chefs at Joe’s Cafe designed the meal to begin with a hot and comforting bowl of soup. This was naturally followed by a special edition fattoush salad. The salad burst with fresh and vibrant flavours and sets the stage for the main course to follow. The main course brought out a succulent lamb shank. Cooked to absolute perfection the lamb was served with oriental rice, known to satisfy cravings of all sizes as it offers a hearty and filling mid meal experience.

Guests had to save room for dessert! This season Joe’s Cafe presented the much loved local specialty Umm Ali, a traditional Arabic dessert that is as rich and indulgent as it is reminiscent of joyous gatherings enjoyed around tables. To complete the meal, diners enjoyed a special edition Jallab which was a perfect balance of sweetness while being such a refreshing drink.

This special Iftar set menu was available at Joe’s Cafe’s two locations – the iconic 2022 building at Aspire Zone and Joe’s cafe at 21 High st. With its rich heritage and reputation for offering an atmosphere of joy, Joe’s Cafe was the perfect place to enjoy a delicious Iftar meal in a welcoming and friendly environment this season.

Joe’s Cafe opens at the Iconic 2022 building at Aspire Zone

Ali Bin Ali Hospitality has just announced the opening of a second branch of Joe’s Cafe. The new branch was declared open on the 15th of May 2022 and it is housed at Qatar’s Iconic 2022 building which is a major attraction now at Aspire Zone. 

Joe’s Cafe has a rich history and heritage in the restaurant industry. The world-famous Joseph Empire was started in 1972 by the inimitable Joseph Ettedgui. Renowned for his eccentric personality, Joseph opened Joe’s Café soon after the launch of his fashion business as an extension of his creative concept: A place where a vibrant and eclectic crowd of the fashion industry’s most interesting icons gathered to share ideas and inspiration outside of the constraints of an office. Today Joe’s Cafe is renown for an atmosphere of joy as it serves a menu filled with international delights. 

Commenting on the opening of the new store, General Manager of ABA Hospitality Mr. Bassel Salim Ammar said, ” We are delighted to be opening the second branch of Joe’s Cafe at this very special location. With the World Cup 2022 fast approaching and Qatar preparing to welcome the world to its shoes and host them, at Ali Bin Ali Hospitality, we find it fitting to expand the hospitality offerings that are available for everyone to enjoy. Joe’s Cafe is a welcoming, vibrant place with its own spirit of excitement and a menu that is innovative and well-loved. So we look forward to welcoming a whole host of new fans of the restaurant and also treating our regular patrons to a fresh new experience”.  

Joe’s Café opened in Sloane Street in 1984 and it immediately became trendy – in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The Cafe welcomes superstars in the likes Madonna and Mick Jagger among its VIP customers. The restaurant is extremely popular with Middle-Eastern customers and has become a go to venue for clients from the GCC. The brand is currently operating a global Franchise network of 8 Joe’s Café restaurants, with 7 in the GCC region and 1 in the Far-East.