July 24, 2023


Wahaj Restaurant, located at 21 High st in Katara, is one of the most popular dining destinations in the area. This is certainly a result of the charm and authenticity of Wahaj but also due to the immense talent of chef Marcel. At Wahaj, the culinary team works with determination to capture every guest’s imagination. That is why Wahaj offer everyone who walks through the doors the very best in traditional Mediterranean dishes. With a unique blend of elegance and sophistication, Wahaj Mediterranean Brasserie is known to deliver a casual dining experience like no other, right at the heart of 21 High st.

Chef Marcel’s says that among multiple restaurants one could choose from, his personal favourite is Wahaj and it’s not hard to see why. The menu offerings at Wahaj are incredibly diverse, ranging from Asian dishes to Italian, steak, fresh menu items, desserts, and much more. Last year, Chef Marcel revamped the menu by adding many Asian dishes inspired by Japan, from raw fish to freshly made sushi rolls, and a wide variety of other exciting dishes which are a testament to Chef Marcel’s mastery of his craft.

Chef Marcel’s expertise in Asian cuisine is evident in several of his creations at Wahaj. For instance there is a variety of sushi rolls on the menu which diners are not likely to find at other locations. Not only are the combinations unique but also the restaurant uses the freshest ingredients to ensure pure, fresh taste. Despite the focus on Asian cuisine, Chef Marcel has also brought his own unique twist to classic dishes that are favoured by many. The steaks at Wahaj Restaurant are popular and they are perfectly cooked to order. The pasta dishes are known to burst with flavour and the Pizza range has its own twists in flavor.

One of Chef Marcel’s specialties at Wahaj is his culinary showmanship. He is an expert at creating incredible food presentations for menu items such as beautifully presented new pasta creations. The new sushi bowl on the menu is served with a smoke show. These presentations are both visually stunning, and enhance the dining experience by adding an element of surprise and excitement.

Besides the exceptional dining experience offered at the restaurant, diners rave about the food, the atmosphere, and the service. Whether you’re in the mood for Asian-inspired cuisine or classic dishes with a twist, the culinary mastery at Wahaj is not to be missed.

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