May 1, 2023


The unique coffee flavour you are looking for this season is waiting for you at Juan Valdez at 21 High st at Katara Cultural Village! Coinciding with the Holy month of Ramadan is the date season in the region, and Juan Valdez baristas have found a flavourful way to capture the moment. Renown for its exceptional Colombian coffee, Juan Valdez has now added an innovative twist to its menu. Leading its favourites this season is two speciality coffee drinks infused with Date flavour.

As the date season began Juan Valdez introduced Nevado and Latte Coffees, both infused with the inimitable flavour of the delicious Middle Eastern fruit. When delicately blended with the powerful flavours of authentic Colombian coffee the end result is an irresistible, refreshing drink that captivates the tastebuds of all.

Every cup of Nevado coffee delivers a refreshing and aromatic drink made with 100% Arabica coffee beans. Combined with milk and a touch of natural Date flavor the Nevado offers a unique twist on traditional coffee and is proving itself to be a perfect option coffee lovers looking for something different. For those who prefer a more classic coffee experience, the Latte Coffee is a smooth and creamy drink, also infused with natural Date flavour.

Both drinks are expertly crafted by Juan Valdez’s skilled baristas, using only the finest ingredients to create a rich and flavourful coffee experience. These two seasonal selections perfectly complement to the the Juan Valdez brand’s existing menu of traditional Colombian savories and pastries, including arepas, pandebonos, empanadas, and merengon.

Head over to Juan Valdez Qatar at 21 High st Katara and celebrate the season of dates with these delicious specialty coffees, just waiting to be tasted and enjoyed!

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