July 24, 2023


Marcel Finsterer is a chef who has made his mark on the culinary world. Ali Bin Ali Hospitality is proud to call Chef Marcel one of their own. As the Chef De Cuisine for all ABA Hospitality brands located in 21 High st – the ultimate shopping and relaxation luxurious hub in Qatar – Chef Marcel is responsible for ensuring the highest standards of culinary excellence. He has demonstrated his skills by creating dishes that are both stunning and delicious. His passion for cooking and his commitment to using the freshest ingredients have earned him a reputation as one of the best chefs in the industry.

Chef Marcel’s career began in Spain. Subsequently, his travels across multiple culinary capitals across the world enabled him to develop an impressive range of experiences and skills in Asian cuisine. As a professional whose journey began in Spain where he learned the art of cooking, Innsbruck, Munich, the Caribbean, and Dubai are among the other diverse locations that have influenced Chef Marcel’s career. Additionally, working at some of the world’s best Japanese Izakaya restaurants has also positively impacted his career. These experiences have resulted in the extensive training he has received in the traditional techniques of Robata, Tempura, and Sushi, using the freshest products from all over Asia. His most recent stint prior to joining ABA Hospitality was at an upscale Japanese Izakaya restaurant located in Mayfair, London where he worked as a sous chef. The restaurant specialized in modern and traditional techniques of Japanese and Asian cuisine. While his entire career has enriched his expertise, Chef Marcel’s experiences – particularly in London – has allowed him to perfect his craft and become an all-rounded chef.

Marcel’s philosophy reflects that of Pierre Gagnaire, who famously said, “The cuisine, it is all about putting generosity before rigour and pleasure before lucidity.” That is why he is committed to creating experiences that go beyond just the taste of the food. His focus is on creating a fully immersive experience where his guests can relax and enjoy the meal while also appreciating the art of cooking, its flavours and traditions.

Chef Marcel’s love for cooking is evident in every dish he creates for the restaurants under ABA Hospitality umbrella. As a true master of his craft, enriched by his expertise in Asian cuisine has made him a valuable asset to ABA Hospitality, where he continues to be a true inspiration to all aspiring chefs.

Chef Marcel will be developing a series of features that will soon be published, where he will outline the signature dishes he has created for each of the ABA Hospitality brands.

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