February 29, 2024

Joe’s Café Unleashes a Flavor Fiesta with Brand New Menu

This isn’t your average menu update. Joe’s Café goes all in, introducing a diverse selection that caters to every palate. Dive into their mouthwatering pizzas, available in various flavors to satisfy cravings. Take a trip south of the border with their loaded nachos, piled high with all the classic fixings. Seafood lovers rejoice! The succulent prawn rolls promise a burst of freshness, while the salmon with saffron sauce offers a sophisticated twist. The creamy beef risotto is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and the Joe’s Beef and Chicken Fajita Sandwiches, and Rigatoni Pasta are perfect for a satisfyingly savory bite. Opt for the Joe’s Baby Chicken, roasted to perfection for a light bite.

Also, their new kids’ menu keeps the little ones happy with delightful options. The new menu is available starting January 2024, at both Joe’s Café Katara and Iconic 2022 locations.

Can’t make it in person? No worries! Enjoy the convenience of delivery through Talabat, Snoonu, Rafeeq and Deliveroo.

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