July 24, 2023


Juan Valdez Café is excited to announce a refreshing culinary wave in Qatar. The innovative menu, accompanied by a loyalty reward program, promises a more delightful coffee house experience for the customers.

The menu encompasses a range of freshly made salads including: the classic Cobb salad, nutritious quinoa salad, tantalizing taco fiesta salad, nourishing Asian beef salad, and the roasted beetroot salad. The new selection of ‘grab-and-go items’ like poke balls, various parfaits and sweet indulgences like corazon, choco almond truffle, mini brownies, and Danish and Chiquita baskets will make your coffee visits more enjoyable.

Adding to the allure are the new sandwiches, which feature a variety of flavours from Hawaiian to caprese. The new drink season also beckons with sublime cheesecake nevado and cappuccino.

To sweeten the deal, our loyalty card promises a free nevado drink after every six coffee purchases, giving coffee lovers even more reason to choose Juan Valdez Café.

Visit Juan Valdez Café at 21 High st, Katara from 9:00AM for the authentic Colombian coffeehouse experience. The exquisite Juan Valdez menu is also available at the click of a button on Talabat.

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